Exercise: Class to and from class dataΒΆ

Sometimes __metaclass__ is used to amend the operation of a class statement. However always the same change can be done with a decorator function, and often this is clearer and easier.

The exercise here is to produce some class from class decorators. The first task is to produce two decorators whose composition is trivial.

In other words this

class MyClass(object):

should be equivalent to this

class MyClass(object):

Once we have done this, it’s a lot easier to modify classes during construction, because so to speak the input-output has already been dealt with. Simply write a function that changes or creates a class data object.

The decorator function class_data_from_class should produce class_data, which we can regard as a tuple.

The decorator function class_from_class_data should produce a class from the class data.


Don’t assume that the type of MyClass is type. It could be a subclass of type.